About Swhacker Expandable Broadheads

Our unique Swhacker Broadheads blade design provides bow hunters with two separate cutting edges. The 1st edge (wing blade) cuts the hid and first set of ribs. The 2nd edge (main blade) still has an untouched edge when it opens in the body cavity of the game animal. This allows for an extremely sharp cutting surface which passes through internal organs.

As for angled shots, look no farther than Swhacker Broadheads. The tip of the broadhead enters the animal well before the wing blades impact. This eliminates cantilevering and deflections as the blades open.

Practice and Safety Tips:

We recommend that your bow produces a minimum of 60 ft-lbs of kinetic energy when using Swhacker Broadheads.

Swhacker Broadheads will fly exactly like your filed point. If you choose to fine tune your setup or simply like to practice with your broadheads, wrap electrical tape around the ferrule between the tip and the wing blades. This will prevent the broadheads from opening when penetrating a foam target and allow you to practice without dulling the broadhead blades.

This product is extremely sharp. Serious injury can occur if handled improperly. To avoid injury, please follow the instructions located in the packaging carefully.

Never use fingers to tighten broadheads to an arrow shaft. Always use a safety device or wrench. Always store assembled broadheads in a quiver. Pre-cut the foam in your quiver so that the broadheads can be inserted and removed freely from the quiver. The foam should not put any pressure against the opening blades during storage. This will cause the shrink band to stretch and possibly fall off.

Always inspect the broadhead prior to shooting. If the shrink band is missing or damaged in any way, replace it. Never shoot the broadhead without the shrink band. Doing so may result in serious injury.

To install the shrink band on the broadhead, place a single band over the tip with the blades full enclosed in the slot. Slide the band down the ferrule until it is in the retaining groove. The blades may move slightly. If the band does not stay in the retaining groove, use a heat source such as a pocket lighter or hair dryer to shrink the band. Care should be taken not to overheat the band.

Crossbow Magazine Approved:
Swhacker Broadheads 100-grain, 1.75-inch crossbow broadhead received Crossbow Magazine's seal of approval. Here's a quick note from one of their writers who recently ran the head through a rigorous testing process. Look for complete coverage in a future issue.

"Swhacker's new 100-grain crossbow broadhead performed flawlessly in all of my bows. For those looking for a great flying broadhead to meet the needs of today's crossbows, the Swhacker crossbow will fill the order very nicely.

"Broadheads that fly to the same point of impact as field points are important to bowhunters. My testing confirmed that to be the case with the new Swhacker crossbow. Performance is number one, and Swhacker nailed it with the addition of this crossbow version to their product line."

Gene Schang,
Crossbow Magazine Columnist