Hybrid Broadheads

 Our signature two-slice mechanical broadheads meet the power of fixed bleeder blades, creating a devastating 4-blade cut. 

Swhacker will add a nasty sting to their ground-breaking two-slice technology, with the introduction of the all new Swhacker Hybrid broadhead.  Swhacker has long been known for the proven success of their wingblade design - an industry first - which deploys the primary blades internally for maximum damage, better retained momentum, and increased pass-through performance.  Now, with the addition of the fixed bleeder blade, the Swhacker Hybrid models offer a 4-blade cut at the point of contact for overwhelming bloodtrails and shorter tracking jobs!  For the uncompromising bowhunter the Swhacker Hybrid offers the best of both worlds. 

The new Swhacker Hybrid broached is available in two sizes:  100 grain, 1.75” cutting diameter and 125 grain, 2.25” cutting diameter.  Both compound and crossbow models will be offered for 2018.