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Swhacker Broadheads

Swhacker - Opens so fast you can hear the SWHACK!

There's an archery revolution. Compound bows are getting faster and faster but with broadheads, what you cut is what you get. The Swhacker Broadhead is the answer to the faster bows on the market today.

With expandable broadheads what you cut is what you get. Tested and used by outdoorsmen including fishing and hunting legends like Hank Parker, Wade Nolan and many more, Swhacker Broadheads were developed and designed by big game hunter and aerospace engineer Rick Forrest. Go to the Swhacker Youtube Channel and watch Forrest and the "Extreme AZ" pro team take down big game with our expandable broadheads. All "Extreme AZ" hunts take place on public land and are 100-percent fair chase.

When you try Swhacker Broadheads, you will see what makes them different from all of the other broadheads. With two separate sets of razor-sharp cutting edges, Swhacker cuts through hide, bones and anything else standing between you and that monster trophy.

What makes Swhacker Broadheads different from the rest?

Our unique blade design provides you with two separate cutting edges.

The first set of edges, known as the wing blades, are used for cutting the hide and the first set of ribs. These blades are also used to open the broadhead, and are much smaller than the main broadhead blades. They take the most punishment by cutting through the hair, dirt, hide, and bones during entry. The smaller blades take less energy to penetrate through the first side than an "open on impact" broadhead. These wing blades also provide a load-bearing surface for the ferrule during impact.

The second set of edges, or the main blades do not touch anything during the initial penetration. They still have untouched, razor-sharp edges when they open in the body cavity. This allows the main blades to remain sharp for cutting internal organs.

What about angled shots?

Angled shots are not a problem with the Swhacker. The tip of the head enters the animal well before the blades impact. This eliminates cantilevering or deflections as the blades open.